Paint Correction

Paint Correction is an intensive multi-stage process resulting in the removal of 70-80% of surface scratches, swirl marks, buffer marks, micro-marring, cob webbing and hologram effects. Grease Monkey Detailing has the knowledge and experience to recondition all types of paintwork, including nano-particle clearcoats (scratch-resistant ceramic coatings).

We utilize on the highest quality products in our restoration process, insuring that all imperfections are removed safely.

Headlight Restoration

Professional Headlight Restoration can save you some serious money; when comparing the cost of a service professional restoring your headlights to the parts and labor to replace your headlight assembly, the amount of money you’ll save to achieve the same results makes restoration the sensible alternative.

Grease Monkey Detailing specializes in headlight restoration for any size and type of vehicle. Most headlights can be restored in a short time, to keep your vehicle looking sharp, and help improve your visibility at night. Don’t waste your money on replacing your headlight assembly – call grease Monkey Detailing today to get your headlights restored for a fraction of the cost.

Exterior Plastic Trim Restoration

Trim Restoration will rejuvenate the black plastic trim on the outside of your vehicle, and keep it looking crisp and free from oxidation for up to a year. Grease Monkey Detailing uses the most innovative and cutting edge products available to restore your trim, improving the look and helping to maintain your vehicles value.

Before trading in your vehicle, contact Grease Monkey Detailing for a free quote on trim restoration; a solid detail with trim restoration added can significantly increase your vehicle’s trade in value.

Ceramic Pro is trusted by detailers and car care professionals all over the world. Utilized by ecurie25 in Australia to protect their $8+ million dollar exotic Supercar Collection, as well as being the official Paint Protection for Carlsson Cars (tuners for Mercedes-Benz), Ceramic Pro’s reputation speaks for itself.

Detailers Worldwide Trust Ceramic Pro

Permanent Surface Protection

Ceramic Pro is a nano-ceramic coating – forming a permanent adhesion to the paint to provide unparalleled protection. Ceramic Pro is not a standard wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time – no chemical can dissolve the coating itself, it can only be removed through extensive abrasion.

Above 9H In Hardness

Light scratches and stone chips are things of the past – creating a surface that is above 9H on the Pencil Test Scale (used in the coating industry to determine a mineral’s hardness – 9H being the hardest), wear and tear on your vehicle’s surface is significantly reduced, helping to maintain its value even longer and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Resistance To Chemicals

Ceramic Pro provides complete resistance from the harsh chemicals and dangerous contaminants that can damage and mar the surface of your vehicle. Chemicals have no effect on the nanoceramic coating, so your vehicle’s surface is protected from exposure to substances and chemicals that would otherwise cause damage or wear to the paint and surfaces of your vehicle.